Combining scientific rigour with its expertise in phyto-aromatherapy, VEGEBOM has been developing high quality products since 1932 where nature is at the heart of its formulas. The guarantee of natural, effective and high quality products has been recognised for generations, not only by the medical profession but also by consumers worldwide.

Quality Charter in 8 key points :

  • 100% natural origin active ingredients: a rigorous selection of plants for purity and optimum quality
  • High Plant Content: dosage in active ingredients designed to act effectively and safely
  • Traceability of each ingredient
  • 100% pure, natural, chemotyped and non photosensitising essential oils
  • Analysis and quality control after manufacture
  • Safe use: list of all ingredients, batch number and best by date on each package
  • Dermatological tests carried out for every VEGEBOM product
  • Finished products not tested on animals

VEGEBOM thus ensures the effectiveness and quality of the plants for the well-being of the whole family.