Efficacy is our watchword. VEGEBOM products have proven themselves for over 80 years and continue to fulfil your needs from one generation to the next.

All VEGEBOM products comply with the VEGEBOM Quality Charter and are developed to meet specific needs, both effectively and safely. To validate the safety and efficacy of its products, VEGEBOM carries out many tests: stability, safety and efficacy tests.


Expert in phyto-aromatherapy, VEGEBOM places nature at the heart of all its formulas: all the active ingredients come from the plant world.
All of our natural active ingredients are traceable, from harvesting to the manufacture of the finished products. The essential oils are 100% pure and natural. To ensure consistent efficacy and safety they are chemotyped: the biochemical structure of VEGEBOM essential oils is well known.

From its creation VEGEBOM Balm has always been free from synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrance and artificial colouring. We thus owe it to ourselves to have a nature conservation approach at all levels, from production to manufacturing.


VEGEBOM offers simple, practical and easy to use products for everyday use. They cover the needs of the whole family.

Through an economic cost-saving approach from the formulation to manufacturing, VEGEBOM offers products containing only the essentials, without anything superfluous. The products are thus available at affordable prices and in different sizes making them accessible to all families.