VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream


VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream is recommended for:

  • Dry to very dry skin
  • Rough and scaly skin (elbows, knees, chaps, etc.)
  • Fissures and cracks
  • Preventing stretch marks

Face & Body

  • Active ingredients: Shea Butter – very high concentration
  • Nourishing rich texture
  • Pleasant fragrance

Thanks to its very high concentration in active ingredients VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream regenerates, protects and nourishes dry to very dry skin.

Its rich and creamy texture quickly melts into your skin and leaves it feeling revived, soft and comfortable.

Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin.

Available in pharmacies and drugstores.
For sale on-line on: and
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40 g: 720 034 0

User Testimonials

“A thick texture and a pleasant scent, nothing like it for my hands and rough feet”
Sophie L.

“On holiday with my grandparents, I had very dry elbows with tightness; my grandmother suggested this cream to me. Since I got back from holiday I keep it on me all the time!”
Lucie C.

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