What is phyto-aromatherapy?

Phytotherapy is natural medicine using plant extracts to relieve patients. Aromatherapy is part of phytotherapy. It is a natural therapeutic approach that uses essential oils as active ingredients.

So phyto-aromatherapy groups together products designed with essential oils and plant extracts with the aim of meeting the needs of health and well-being.

What is an oil extract?

An oil extract is a plant extract obtained by macerating the plant (flowers, leaves) in an oil. The oil extract is thus full of the plant’s active molecules.

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a natural concentrate in the form of a volatile substance derived from a plant species (in the form of leaves, petals, bark) and which is characterised by specific properties. Obtaining essential oil is achieved by careful extraction: distilling. But not all plants are able to produce essential oils. Indeed, only 10% are able to and these are known as “aromatic plants”.

Are essential oils effective?

Used since Ancient Egypt (4000 BC), essential oils are concentrated active ingredients known to be highly effective. Often too strong to be applied directly to the skin in their pure form, in cosmetics, essential oils can be used diluted in a rich base (balm, oil, etc.). Précautions for use must be followed.

Why use several essential oils in the same product?

The combination of several essential oils within the same product can strengthen its effectiveness. This involves coupling essential oils with complementary properties to obtain a complete action on various indications and/or coupling essential oils with equivalent properties for enhanced efficacy. This efficacy should be placed within a framework with the precautions for use depending on the mode of administration.

What is a chemotyped essential oil?

A 100% pure and natural essential oil can contain hundreds of molecules. When chemotyped, this means that the biochemical structure of the essential oil is known. In other words, we know exactly which different active molecules it is composed of as well as their concentrations. A chemotyped essential oil guarantees consistency in both its effectiveness and safety.

What is a non photosensitising essential oil?

A non photosensitising essential oil does not cause an abnormal skin reaction (pigmented patches, etc.) under the action of sunlight and UV. There is therefore no contraindication regarding exposure to the sun.

Why did you choose these 8 essential oils and plant extracts in the VEGEBOM exclusive plant concentrate ?

The VEGEBOM exclusive plant concentrate consists of a synergistic combination of 8 essential oils and plant extracts. These 8 plants (Mint, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Tea tree, Cedar, Chamomile and Bay laurel) were selected and precisely dosed to provide a comprehensive and synergistic action on a daily basis.

Are VEGEBOM products safe?

All VEGEBOM products comply with VEGEBOM Quality Charter, and are developed to meet specific needs, both effectively and safely. VEGEBOM validates these requirements for safety and effectiveness through numerous dermatological tests.

Why aren’t VEGEBOM products “organic”?

VEGEBOM has chosen 100% natural active ingredients without going as far as organic product certification. With a concern for the required results rather than the means, VEGEBOM offers safe and effective products that comply with the VEGEBOM Quality Charter. And this is achieved at prices that are affordable for all families.

VEGEBOM SOS Balm is a 100% natural origin product – what exactly does this mean ?

VEGEBOM SOS Balm is composed entirely of natural origin ingredients: 100% core active ingredients integrated into a rich 100% natural active ingredient base. VEGEBOM SOS Balm therefore contains no synthetic ingredients (preservatives, paraffin, etc.).

Why is VEGEBOM SOS Balm preservative-free and with no artificial colouring or synthetic fragrance?

The formula of VEGEBOM SOS Balm does not contain water, so any potential development of germs is not possible. We can thus exclude the use of preservatives while having a very stable formula. VEGEBOM SOS Balm is free from synthetic fragrance because essential oils give it a natural scent. Mint and Camphor, which are natural aromatic molecules, give VEGEBOM SOS Balm its characteristic fragrance. It is free from artificial colouring because it contains chlorophyll, which naturally gives it its specific green colour.

What does the texture of VEGEBOM SOS Balm do for the skin?

The “balm” texture is made of a rich active ingredient base that repairs, nourishes and protects the skin. Tests have shown that consumers are fully satisfied with the texture that brings a comforting effect and spreads easily and is thus ideal as a massage or a rub. The formula of VEGEBOM SOS Balm is alcohol-free. Unlike “gel” formulas the product thus respects the skin barrier without drying it out.

In what way is VEGEBOM SOS Balm effective?

Created in 1932, VEGEBOM SOS Balm has become an essential product in many medicine cabinets thanks to its effectiveness and optimum tolerance. VEGEBOM wished to demonstrate this effectiveness via dermatological tests. Hence, the efficacy and tolerance of VEGEBOM SOS Balm are now proven!

Is VEGEBOM SOS Balm moisturising?

The moisturising effectiveness of VEGEBOM SOSe Balm has been proven through measurement tests on 22 subjects with dry skin. These tests showed that VEGEBOM SOS Balm provides lasting hydration for 8 hours.

Why is VEGEBOM SOS Balm restricted to use by children of 6 years and over?

As VEGEBOM SOS Balm is composed of terpenes contained in the essential oil extracts of Camphor, Mint and Eucalyptus, it is subject to an age restriction of 6 years per the regulations in force.

What has happened to VEGEBOM Universal Balm?

VEGEBOM Universal Balm has been replaced by 100% natural origin VEGEBOM SOS Balm. The formula of VEGEBOM Universal Balm had a texture with grains that we reworked to produce a smooth and even texture.

Why is VEGEBOM SOS Balm available in 3 different sizes?

VEGEBOM SOS Balm is available in 3 different sizes (7.5 g, 45 g and 100 g) to meet your various needs.

The 7.5 g size SOS Balm can be carried around with you everywhere (pocket, bag, etc.); it is very convenient and is available at a very low price. ACL order code: 3760233410003

The 45 g size SOS Balm is an essential item in your medicine cabinet. ACL order code: 3760233410010

And the 100 g size SOS Balm is a family size and ideal for large areas. ACL order code: 3760233410027

Why is VEGEBOM Purifying Soap restricted to use by children of 3 years and over?

As the Purifying Soap is composed of terpenes contained in the essential oil extracts of camphor, mint and eucalyptus, it is subject to an age restriction per the regulations in force. Their concentrations being lower than in VEGEBOM SOS Balm, the restriction is set at 3 years.

I noticed that the packaging of VEGEBOM Purifying Soap has been changed. Is the product formula still the same?

The box of VEGEBOM Purifying Soap has indeed been modernised to match VEGEBOM’S new image but the formula has not changed.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream?

VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream has no contraindications for pregnant or breastfeeding women because it does not contain any terpenes (camphor, mint, eucalyptus). VEGEBOM Skin Softening Shea Butter Cream can thus be safely used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Thanks to its high concentration of Shea Butter, it is even recommended for preventing the appearance of stretch marks that can occur during pregnancy.

Where can I find VEGEBOM products?

VEGEBOM products are available in pharmacies and drugstores.
If your pharmacist does not have any VEGEBOM products in stock, he can order them thanks to the ACL order codes.
You can also find VEGEBOM products on the internet: www.abcbeaute.com and www.parathnik.com