Botanical name: Mentha

Growing area: India

Traditional use: inhalation in case of colds or coughs

Presentation: menthol, active molecule extracted from 100% pure and natural essential oil

Extraction method: distillation of Mentha Arvensis essential oil


  • Skin decongestant

    Mint stimulates the evacuation of toxins from the muscles. It tones them for good preparation before physical exertion.

  • Calming

    Mint soothes sore areas.

  • Respiratory decongestant and purifying

    Mint clears and purifies congested airways

  • Soothing

    Mint relieves dry and irritated skin. It is ideal in the event of itching (insect bites, etc.).

Mint acts synergistically with Camphor to provide an effective natural alternative for rheumatic pain. Mint is known to facilitate the absorption of essential oils when applied to the skin.

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