Botanical name: Eucalyptus

Growing area: Portugal

Traditional use: rheumatism and inflammation of the airways

Presentation: eucalyptol, active molecule extracted from 100% pure and natural essential oil

Extraction method: distillation of the leaves and branches of Eucalyptus globulus


  • Expectorant

    Eucalyptus helps to clear congested airways (irritated nose and throat, blocked nose, coughing, etc.).

  • Purifying

    Eucalyptus helps relieve irritated skin (itching, insect bites, etc.) and congested airways.

  • Calming

    Eucalyptus soothes muscle aches and sore throats to enable you to get a more restful night’s sleep.

Eucalyptus acts synergistically with Bay Laurel to provide an effective natural alternative for respiratory infections.

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