Botanical name: Chamomilla recutita

Other names: German Chamomile, Wild Chamomile or true Chamomile

Growing area: France

Traditional use: dry and irritated skin, backache and rheumatism

Presentation: 100% pure and natural oil extract

Extraction method: maceration in a vegetable oil


  •  Soothing and calming

    Matricaria Chamomilla soothes skin irritation (itching, insect bites, etc.) and softens dry skin (chaps, cracks). It is the ultimate in active ingredients for softening the skin.

  • A relaxant

    Matricaria Chamomilla relieves muscle and joint pain.

  • Restorative

    Matricaria Chamomilla helps rebuild the cutaneous barrier of skin weakened by external stress knocks, bumps, sun, cold, etc.).

Matricaria Chamomilla acts synergistically with Bay Laurel to provide an effective natural alternative in cases of skin infections.

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