Botanical name: Camphora

Growing area: China

Traditional use: rheumatism and respiratory infections

Presentation: camphor, active molecule extracted from 100% pure and natural essential oil

Extraction method: distillation of Cinnamomum camphora essential oil


  • Calming

    Camphor is used to relieve muscle and joint pain. It also helps soothe knocks, bumps and bruises.

  • Skin decongestant

    Camphor tones muscles and promotes the elimination of toxins. This enables good physical preparation and prevents aches or cramps.

  • Purifying

    Camphor helps fight against skin and respiratory infections.

  • Respiratory decongestant

    Camphor clears congested airways.

Camphor acts synergistically with Mint to provide an effective natural alternative for rheumatic pain.

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