InformationCajeput-HD-2008 - copie

Botanical name: Melaleuca leucadendron cajuputi

Growing area: Indonesia

Traditional use: rheumatism, respiratory problems and skin infections

Presentation: 100% pure and natural essential oil

Extraction method: distillation of the leaves of the cajeput tree


  • Soothing

    Cajeput essential oil helps fight infections and is recognised as a powerful antiviral.

  • Skin decongestant

    Cajeput essential oil promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle pain. It is an effective skin tonic.

  • Purifying

    Cajeput essential oil purifies and disinfects problem skin (combination, oily, blemished, weakened by shaving, etc.).

  • Relaxant

    Cajeput essential oil relieves muscle fatigue and joint stiffness.

  • Respiratory decongestant and expectorant

    Cajeput essential oil is specifically recommended for congested airways (irritated throat and nose, stuffy nose, cough, etc.)

Cajeput acts synergistically with Cedar to provide an effective natural alternative in case of respiratory disorders.

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